Hucai gym wear factory was established in 1998. We have 25 years of experience in custom sportswear manufacturing.We are a professional manufacturer & exporter of sportswear and gym wear. We have an experienced design team and strong samples development skill. We can offer OEM & ODM service and make Private label gym wear as per your specific designs and requirement.


22 Years Production Experience

Founded in 1998, over 22 years experience in wholesale gym clothing manufacture

100,000pcs / Month & 5000 m2

Our factory covers an area of 5000 square meters and monthly output is over 100,000pcs

Professional Sales Team

Professional fitness clothing manufacturers sales team with Fluent English communication skill

200 New designs / season

Excellent Design & Development activewear Team, Launch 200 New Designs per season

GSG & AQL-2.5

More than 5 times quality inspection from raw material to packing, all of our products meet the Standard of SGS & AQL-2.5

One-Stop Service

We can provide a full service including sourcing new fabric & accessories, customizing designs, brand label, tags, packaging ect,

Order Process

Hucai As A Popular Fitness Clothing Manufacturer Brand

If you are looking for low MOQ wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers, or you are looking for a very professional gym clothing manufacturers, or you need a manufacturer providing a design of activewear .then, you can contact us.

For gym wear brands, low MOQ not only reduces inventory pressure, but also allows them to learn about the gym clothing manufacturer's manufacturing techniques.Now more and more activewear brands, are looking for such a low MOQ fitness clothing manufacturer, and we can accept low MOQ order, and we are more than 10 years experience in workout clothes manufacturing experience。

It is very important that the gym clothing manufacturer can provide some very fashionable gym wear. We offer the latest workout clothes designs for both men and women every season.If you need such a service, you can contact us, we are the top fitness clothing manufacturers.

the features of wholesale fitness clothing manufacturer :

  • OEM&ODM custom service
  • We have our own factory
  • Providing the latest fabrics
  • A Wholesale Yoga Wear Manufacturer With A Difference.
  • Breath-taking yoga clothing collection, order in bulk now!

We are a top gym clothing manufacturers

No matter what kind of fitness clothing manufacturers you choose, quality is a very important decision consideration, and gym clothing is no exception.Generally speaking, those who are really worthy of brand choice of suitable wholesale gym clothing manufacturers must be those of better quality.from the production of equipment materials and production technology level, can measure the quality

A full range of fitness clothing manufacturers

To the fitness clothing brands ,wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers with a wide range of products are worth to choose. If you find a fitness clothing manufacturer with a wide range of products, you won't have to go back and forth between different fitness clothing manufacturers.Fengcai is a full range of fitness clothing manufacturers.

Wholesale acitvewear manufacturers with a strong sales team

not only from the sales team of wholesale activewear manufacturer, but also from the production quality, fengcai has great advantages, we have 10 years of experience。our sales team, can not only provide customers with OEM custom services, but also can recommend designing style based on the clients's needs. we have our own research and development team.

wholesale yoga clothing manufacturers

For modern young people, keeping in shape is an aspect that they pay more and more attention to, and yoga is becoming younger and younger as a result.Many brands have taken notice of this trend and started to design collections of yoga suits.And we wholesale yoga clothing manufacturers are for such brands to negotiate the factory.

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