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Recycled Fabric Collection

Recycled Fabric Collection

As one of the china top custom recycled fabric sportswear manufacturers for both men and women.Hucai Sportswear can produce both casual recycled fabric sportswear.
You can both choice designs from our website and add your own logo and labels on.And you can send your own designs to us and ask to follow your spefications to create your own brand.

Hucai, as one of the most excellent customized men's/women's sportswear suppliers in China, provides fast and small batch sportswear sample customization services and excellent sales and production team, serving over 100 individual sportswear brands and dozens of countries and regions.

Hucai has different service solutions for different customer groups. According to the different needs of individual brands/influencer bloggers, Hucai provides professional salesmen with one-to-one communication services and one-stop customized men's/women's sportswear services to meet any needs of you.
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