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Why Does DHL Express Take So Long?

Why Does DHL Express Take So Long?

Update Time:2022/5/19
Why Does DHL Express Take So Long?

In our daily practice, we know that DHL Express provides the best and fastest delivery service. It takes about 3-5 days for samples under 10kg to wrap, and 9-15 days for large packages.


However, many customers complained that they did not receive a package that should have arrived a week ago. They will wonder what happened and why it took so long for DHL Express recently.


After investigation, we found that the main reason is that the warehouses of international express delivery have exploded recently, and many goods need to be arranged for 2-7 days before they can be shipped out. Due to the peak season of the sportswear industry and the advent of holidays, the factory has a large number of orders, the number of goods waiting to be shipped has increased sharply, and the warehouse has even been overloaded. Therefore, the goods in the DHL warehouse need to be queued for unloading. In this case, the tracking will take several days to update. If your package has arrived in your country/region and the DHL tracking status has not been updated since its arrival, it may be because your package has been handed over from DHL to your local post office for final delivery.


How to get your parcel delivered quickly?

With the continuous growth of China's exports, in order to further meet the needs of our customers, Fengcai meticulously provides our customers with a one-stop door-to-door service. For urgent items, you do not need to choose the waiting channel, including UPS, FedEx, etc., please contact us for details.


In addition to delivery delays, due to power constraints, many printing and dyeing plants are likely to close or suspend operations before the end of December. If you are looking for any possibility of launching your trendy fitness clothing line before the upcoming Christmas holidays, please make sure you find the right manufacturer and place your order as soon as possible. For example, Fengcai private label fitness clothing manufacturer, they have a large catalog of their own brand fitness clothing, and you can also provide your own design.


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