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Why should I wear tight pants when practicing yoga?

Why should I wear tight pants when practicing yoga?

Apr 23,2020

     Yoga is a very popular way of fitness, not only has the effect of fitness shaping, but also self-cultivation, and also has a good decompression effect! In our practice of yoga, professional yoga instructors will recommend that you wear professional yoga clothing, and professional yoga clothing is generally a tight-fitting sleeveless vest and a tight-fitting trousers.


Today, I want to talk to you about yoga. Why wear tights? Skinny quick-drying pants can also be called compression pants. Compared to ordinary leggings, compression pants strengthen the wrapping and support of the leg muscles and protect the knee joints from injury. As the saying goes, running has a hundred benefits, only a knee injury. To avoid the extra burden caused by invalid vibration, especially the support of the hamstrings and calves. During exercise, the leg has a certain degree of compressibility to improve muscle strength, and it also has the function of assisting the rapid recovery of muscles after exercise. Can prevent knee cramps and injuries.


     As we all know, yoga requires high accuracy of movements. If the movements are not done properly, the exercise effect will be greatly reduced. While wearing loose clothes, you can't clearly see the direction of the muscles of the extremities. Especially for novices, it is difficult to grasp whether their movements are in position. The tight-fitting pants can clearly see the lines of the body muscles, making yoga practice more effective. Clothes that are comfortable and convenient when practicing yoga movements are good for stretching movements. The most important thing is "posture and mentality influence each other." Choose clothes that are very satisfying in your heart. Wear clothes that feel very good. Feel like a master, then it can help you enter the state better and faster.


     Yoga postures must be correct. Yoga is a step-by-step exercise that challenges the limits of the body. In addition to focusing on steady playing, novice practitioners also need to learn the correct yoga postures. Only in this way can the expected fitness effect be achieved, and even some sports injuries can be avoided. As far as yoga postures are concerned, they can be performed under the guidance of a professional yoga instructor. To achieve better exercise results, I do n’t know if you go to practice yoga to go to the hall of the yoga hall or to teach privately. If you have practiced private training, you will know that when you wear tights, the coach will easily see if you are in the right direction. For example, it is easy to see whether the coccyx is tightened, whether the abdomen is tightened, the gluteus maximus is tightened, and the inner thigh is tightened. Not only pants, it is recommended to wear tights on the upper body, the benefits are the same. For safety, tight pants are not only anti-glare, but also more important is safety. In yoga, stretching and movement will be relatively large. For example, if you start high, if your pants are too wide, it is easy to fold in one place. Convenient to stretch. On the one hand, if your feet step on your pants, it is also very dangerous. Fit tailoring not only guarantees good fit, but also provides varying degrees of support and protection for leg muscles. The well-designed tight pants will be cut according to the leg structure. For example, different designs will be used in some parts, and the crotch is made of light, breathable and antibacterial fabric. The knee is thickened and highly elastic, which is more conducive to knee movement. The thighs, calves and other parts are designed for high elasticity, suitable elasticity and muscle protection. Secondly, the cutting is also divided into multiple pieces according to different parts, using laser cutting and seamless welding technology.


     The fabric must have greater elasticity, the tightness of the clothing is too tight, the blood circulation is too loose, and the skin and the fabric will rub too much, which is very uncomfortable. Then the fabric must have a good ability to absorb moisture and perspiration, so that the skin can be more dry and comfortable, and the clothes will not stick to the body because of sweating. The style of the clothes must have a certain auxiliary fixing effect on important parts of the body, such as the chest, buttocks, etc., so that these softer parts can be better protected during exercise, and there will be no occurrence of intense exercise because these parts The trembling of the jitter affects the movement's attention. When choosing yoga clothing, yoga practitioners should also choose the appropriate style according to their body age. For example, girls with big breasts should not choose low-necked tops or one-piece yoga clothes. Young women are advised to choose popular yoga pants with hip-lifting effect, which can show a beautiful body and enhance exercise confidence.



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