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Black Friday : Gym Clothes Marketing Strategy

Black Friday : Gym Clothes Marketing Strategy

Issue Time:2021-11-25
Black Friday : Gym Clothes Marketing Strategy

The busiest shopping festivals are coming soon: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As an online business of gym clothing, these two days are crucial to increase sales. In this news, Fc gym wear discusses the marketing strategy of how to increase the sales of your Black Friday gym clothes, hoping to help you.


The best Black Friday marketing strategy

Check out these solid Black Friday marketing ideas, you can implement them now.

1. Optimize your website and landing page

If you are an online retailer, you know how important your website is. Preparing for Black Friday means you need to be prepared for increased traffic while maintaining the high quality and fast loading time of the landing page. Ensuring you have enough broadband, memory, storage, and processing power to handle the increased traffic is an important aspect of a retailer’s Black Friday strategy.


2. Increase advertising expenditure

During the "Black Friday" weekend, advertisers will spend far more than usual. Many people believe that the return on Black Friday sales is a major investment that justifies the increase in spending. By spending more money than usual, you will be more likely to be noticed by potential customers.


3. Create a promotional content calendar

Create a promotional content calendar to list the products and time you want to share. It can help you stay away from chaotic and hectic promotions and stay organized this weekend. At the same time, your customers can also know the discounts you will offer. Your calendar should include:

Social media posting: Automating your social media posting in advance will make your life easier. Use #BlackFriday #Fridaysales #BlackFridayDiscounts and other special hashtags for Black Friday. To

Creativity and copywriting : You need to complete the creativity and copywriting in emails, social media, advertising, articles, etc.

Promotion: Calculate by numbers how much discount you can offer to customers without affecting profits. If you offer your customers VIP discounts to save extra costs, you will want to make sure that you are still profitable. Remember, during "Black Friday", you will spend more money on advertising and buying actual products. Therefore, you must take these costs into account.


4. Make the most of social media

Your social media strategy will become an important part of the success of Black Friday. Make full use of Instagram Reels, TikTok, Facebook Live and other platforms to let your users get a sneak peek and see what kind of offers and activities you can bring to them.


5. Provide VIP exclusive discounts and attract new users

Provide exclusive discounts for your VIP customers. As loyal customers, they may buy more from your brand than customers. They are also more likely to repeat purchases throughout the year in your store. At the same time, stimulate your potential customers to participate in Black Friday promotions, provide your new users with a discount on the first order, and inspire them to buy immediately.


6. Use your email list to facilitate transactions

Marketing through your customer email will help you reach existing customers and boost sales. Contact your former customers and save them extra money when buying. Because they have already purchased, they are more likely to buy again. According to research, loyal customers account for an average of 65% of a company's annual revenue.

In addition, supplementing your email marketing with SMS is also a good choice.


7. Start early or last chance to sell

It pays to maximize the shopping spree with longer sales time and more buying opportunities. But be aware that too long sales time will make you lose credibility.

Start early: Refer to "Black Friday" marketing, such as Daily Deals. By offering different product discounts every day, customers will be encouraged to constantly return to your website to check for changing deals.

Last chance: Black Friday is the most popular, you need to focus on it. But you can take another approach, discount all your products on Black Friday, and then discount your best-selling products on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays to expand your sales.


Which one would you try?

After Black Friday, Net One, and Christmas, your new series of gym clothes will begin to be prepared. For retailers who are looking for the freshest series of wholesale gym clothes, all you need to do is to check the Fc gym wear popular custom gym apparel catalog, detail your needs, and we will do our best to meet your needs.


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