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What Fabric Is Most Suitable For Workout Clothes ?

What Fabric Is Most Suitable For Workout Clothes ?

Issue Time:2020-10-07
What Fabric Is Most Suitable For Workout Clothes 
What Fabric Is Most Suitable For Workout Clothes ?

Good workout clothes can not only make people look better, but it can also enhance people's sports performance. No one can deny the truth. But what makes business owners annoyed is how to choose the most suitable fabric for workout clothes wholesale? This question seems a little bewildering.

Therefore, I think the following guide may be helpful. Hope the following tips can help you. If you want to know more about the wholesale of workout clothes or customized fabrics, please feel free to contact us.

Tip 1: Spandex /Lycra

Its excellent stretch and compression recovery properties make workout clothing flexible and comfortable during exercise. It is the favorite material of sportswear manufacturers all over the world. It is breathable, wicks moisture and dries quickly, and has excellent functions. But this kind of fabric also has shortcomings. It cannot fix the stitch design well and is difficult to embroider.

Tip 2: Polyester/Polartec

It is wrinkle-free, lightweight, durable and breathable. But its nature is non-absorbent, which means that your clothes can only dry on their own, and sweat will not be automatically absorbed by the cloth. In addition, it repels ultraviolet rays and has amazing insulation, which makes it an ideal choice for mixed experiencing hot and cold climates.

Tip 3: Nylon

It has excellent tensile and compression recovery, softness and mildew resistance. It is also incredibly breathable, wicks moisture and dries quickly, leaving the wearer comfortable and temperature controllable.

Tip 4: Bamboo fiber/Modal

If you want to have a super soft and moisture-wicking workout wear, consider it. In addition, it also provides excellent UV protection, good gloss and drape performance.

Tip 5: Cotton

Compared with other fabrics, cotton still has a big gap in terms of quick sweat absorption. But its better odor and breathability still win people's appreciation.

It can be seen that there are many choices of suitable fabrics for workout clothes. So how to choose the most suitable fabric for workout clothes? At this time, you need to put the needs of consumers first. If you do, you will know the fabrics you should get better than before.

If you wholesale or customize workout clothes, you need help or guidance on the fabric most suitable for your business, or you need various suggestions on logo customization, please contact the top gym wear manufacturer Fengcai from China, and we will help you expand more easily Or create a wholesale workout clothing brands.