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Points To Consider When Custom Wholesale Activewear

Points To Consider When Custom Wholesale Activewear

Issue Time:2020-11-12
Points To Consider When Custom Wholesale Activewear
Points To Consider When Custom Wholesale Activewear

If you have been thinking about starting a wholesale business of sports wear and activewear, then this article is for you. For newcomers who have just entered the activewear market, custom wholesale activewear clothing is a headache, unable to think about all the details. The following points will help you do your work better, keep reading to learn more.

1. Price

All customers are price sensitive, and price is the first thing they need to know. However, before paying attention to the price, you should check the price of the product to get the selling price.

2. Fabric

Fabric is one of the most important things you should focus on. Polyester fiber, nylon fiber and Lycra fiber are the most suitable fabrics for sportswear. Make sure you always choose fabrics that repel skin moisture.

3. Comfort

Before placing orders in large quantities, you should first customize and test samples. Try on for stretching, jogging, squatting and jumping to check if your body is comfortable.

4. Support

For exercises that require more exercise, you should look for activewear that contains more spandex or nylon, because they are elastic enough to allow a full range of exercise while providing more support.

5. Moisture wicking

Sportswear with good ventilation and sweat wicking functions can effectively help dissipate heat and effectively distribute sweat without causing stuffy and unbearable conditions, allowing the bodybuilder to focus on exercise. This function is usually achieved by several synthetic fiber fabrics.

6. Robustness

Choose fabrics that can stretch and will not decrease in size after washing, and always make sure to check the stitches, zippers, prints, etc. of activewear before placing orders in large quantities.

7. After-sales service

Please find a reliable partner to deal with problems in time, and always ensure that the products are delivered to you safely and in time.

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