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Fengcai Fitness Clothing Trends 2021

Fengcai Fitness Clothing Trends 2021

Issue Time:2020-12-17
Fengcai Fitness Clothing Trends 2021
Fengcai Fitness Clothing Trends 2021

Hey Friends! Fengcai updated the product catalog, are you interested in knowing? If "yes", please continue to check and share with you our fitness clothing trends next year .

1. Stitching color

In fact, this is not the latest trend in itself, but we have to admit that splicing and contrasting elements are a new star of popular factors in recent years. Compared with the pure color fitness clothing, it has a stronger sense of visual impact and demonstrates self-confidence and vitality, so it is  enthusiastically sought after by fitness professionals.

2. Seamless

The seamless fitness set has been around for a long time, but for fitness enthusiasts who follow any Instagram, it is not difficult to find that its popularity is still rising. No seams mean that no discomfort will penetrate your skin during long-term activities. The slightly compressed fit makes you feel comfortable and supported no matter what exercise you are doing.

3. Guide animal patterns

Animal motifs are everywhere, which is perfect for gymnasiums. They are not only suitable for the raw energy of lifelong running on a treadmill. They also help disguise any annoying flaws. It's awesome!

4. Bronzing

Gold stamping process, fashionable and luxurious style. High-stretch and high-density compressed four-way stretch technical fabric, improving women's yoga fitness experience and daily wear, gloss and personality trend.

5. Jacquard

It is undeniable that best trendy workout clothes designed with jacquard technology have gradually gained the appreciation of bodybuilders for their lightness and yarn breathability and moisture removal effect.

6. Exercise blues

Pantone Hue for 2020: classic blue, continue to show the world its unique charm. Create eye-catching and reliable perfect images in the fitness clothing market, and create a relaxing sports atmosphere.

7. Pastel

For anyone who likes pastel colors, pastel  colors such as lavender, aqua and peach are particularly attractive.

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